About us

M. André Lemire et Mme Chantal Morissette

Électro-Techno, managed by Mr. André Lemire and Mrs. Chantal Morissette, has known since its founding in 1998 a constant and strong growth of its activities in the commercial and industrial sectors.


Électro-Techno, a Quebec based company located in Sherbrooke, specializes in the repair of electronic equipment such as electronic cards, controls, encoders, variable speed drives, operator interfaces, screens, etc.

Électro-Techno is recognized as the industry leader in electronic solutions du to its quality of service, the availability of its personnel as well as direct web access to the traceability of your repairs.

For more than 16 years Électro-Techno is proud to have provided a professional card repair service in our workshop as well as onsite.


Électro-Techno is a private enterprise whose development has been on solid groundwork for more than 16 years based on a long term vision. In the electronics world, we have had the foresight to implement advanced and efficient technologies to clearly identify our mission, interest a dynamic team whose continuity is assured, reinvest in our systems, and emphasize this long term vision with the greatest respect to the environment.

Positioning statement

Specialists in electronic solutions

Our mission

To offer industry our know-how in the repair of electronic equipment, while applying a first-class customer approach with a personalized service and highly qualified personnel.

Our values

Rigor, teamwork and professionalism are primary values that the enterprise conveys.