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in North America

For several years, we have been working in collaboration with several public transportation authorities in North America to give a second life to the electronic components of the following types of vehicles:

We have repaired a multitude of parts from the largest manufacturers in the industry. Thanks to our mastery of electronic skills specific to the transport market, we are able to repair the following components:

Electro-Techno is proud to offer quality electronic repair services in the transport industry. With our many years of experience in repairing electronic parts from major manufacturers, we can offer you a quick and efficient solution that is adapted to your needs so you can get back to business quickly. Customer experience is at the heart of our concerns which is why we offer you quality service supported by rigorous testing procedures. With Electro-Techno, you are in good hands!

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Savings of 60% or more versus buying new parts


Fast turn-around supported by our online repair tracking tool


Modification solutions to give a second life to outdated electronics


Personalized customer service and post-sale support

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