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The cost savings of repairing electronic parts versus replacing them with a brand new product are significant: savings of generally one-third and up to one-fifth more cost-effective than new. Even if your electronic components are obsolete or no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, Electro-Techno offers a fast and reliable solution to get you back on track.

We repair and refurbish locomotive electronic components of various brands for some of North America’s leading railway companies. Over the years, we have repaired a multitude of electronic products ranging from the most popular OEM brands to “obsolete” or “out of support” products. We support the following components:

There is a reason why we have earned the trust of our customers: it is because we can offer a fast, efficient, and less expensive solution that is adapted to your needs to repair and refurbish electronic components on locomotives. Customer experience is at the heart of our concerns: that is why we offer you quality service supported by rigorous testing procedures. With Electro-Techno, you are in good hands!


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Modification solutions to give a second life to outdated electronics


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