You are currently viewing Almost 20 years of industrial electronic repairs for WestRock

Almost 20 years of industrial electronic repairs for WestRock

Almost 20 years of industrial electronic repairs for WestRock

Over 500 electronic components repaired

“WestRock is very pleased with its business partnership with Electro-Techno and invites other companies to use their repair and overhaul services for quick results and noticeable savings.”

– Alexandre Corriveau, Maintenance Manager, WestRock


Since 2002, Electro-Techno has been working in partnership with WestRock to support them in the repair of complex industrial electronic equipment. During those years, the following achievements have been accomplished:

  • Over 500 electronic components of all kinds repaired
  • Complete technical support
  • Repairs made in less than 2 weeks
  • Savings of over 60%

Find out how Electro-Techno has supported WestRock in its industrial electronic repairs for nearly 20 years.

About WestRock


WestRock is a manufacturer of folding cartons and packaging products for the food and beverage industry. Its plant in Warwick, Quebec, is the largest plant in this sector in Canada, and one of the three largest in North America.

How to maintain your industrial electronic components

As the damaged parts were obsolete, WestRock was unable to have several industrial components replaced by the original equipment manufacturer, since they were no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Given the remote locations of suppliers of automated production equipment, it can be very difficult to get prompt service in North America when failures occur on certain electronic components. WestRock was therefore looking for a quick and efficient solution.

The solution: refurbishment of electronic components

WestRock called on the expertise of Electro-Techno for its refurbishment project. With over 23 years of experience in the repair of industrial electronic components of all kinds, Electro-Techno offers a fast and quality service, allowing the two companies to build a trusting partnership, which began almost 20 years ago.


Since 2002, Electro-Techno has completed more than 500 repairs of industrial electronic components for WestRock.

The following parts were repaired:

  • AC and Servo variable speed drives from Indramat, Baümuller, Allen Bradley, Lenze, ABB, Man Roland, and others;
  • Displays from Man Roland, Bobst, Omron, Siemens, and other brands;
  • Electronic boards and modules of all kinds.

The average turnaround time for the requested repairs was less than 2 weeks, making Electro-Techno an essential supplier-partner to the proper functioning of the WestRock factory.

All of the original manufacturer components have been completely refurbished at a very competitive price. Repairing the damaged electronic components resulted in savings of at least 60%, compared to the purchase of new parts.


There is a reason why we have earned the trust of clients like WestRock: it is because we can offer a fast and cost effective solution that is adapted to your needs to repair and refurbish industrial electronic components of all kinds.

If your company is experiencing similar issues, contact our team of experts for more information on our electronic refurbishment services.

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